Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Yesterday I spent NINE HOURS in the car driving home from London after spending the weekend in Brighton with Carrie followed by a meeting in Enfield. Is there ever a day when there are no accidents on the M1/M6? Diversion followed by diversion followed by queue followed by queue followed by service station M&S 'dinner' followed by more than one can of Red Bull resulted in my getting home, finally, at 01:30.


Suffice to say, I was a little bit tired today after my Red Bull fuelled journey and subsequent fitful sleep. I was also hungry. Apparantly sitting on my arse for nine hours makes me very hungry the following day because today I have managed to consume:

a 250g packet of smoked salmon
three Rivita (oh, the irony)
half a lemon
50cl Evian
a cup cake
a cup of chamomile and lavendar tea
50 cl Evian
a whole baked camembert
half a salami
15 cherry tomatoes
half a large ciabatta
another cupcake
a cup of chamomile and lavendar tea
50cl Evian

I think I needed to see this in a list to fully appreciate how revolting I am. How long do you think it will be before they start selling home liposuction kits in Boots? Off for a run in the morning.

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Jennie Landels said...

Hey misses,

I have been so prolific in my blogging because I am procrastinating cleaning the flat for our festival lets!! Also bored as still no full time position!! It's what you can do when you have no job!!

Would love to meet for lunch.. am away to arran for fun and games on thursday. 25+ of us taking over a B&B/ guesthouse... hooray!! Hiring bikes and doing a foodie tour round the island! Can't wait!

So maybe later next week if you're about.

The gold letters- aren't they great.. Nathan was worried they would look a bit VDB... but I think they're too quirky for posh!

They are from so go get yourself a big gold C! They were £10 each.

I'll mail you my no through facebook e-mail.

Take Care Jen x x

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