Tuesday, 19 August 2008


This video was recently brought to my attention and since watching it I have been consumed with the urge to eat American pancakes.

Then last night I dreamt about eating American pancakes. That was the final straw. No prizes for guessing what I had for breakfast. For the record - I am honestly a normal young woman who likes other stuff - shoes, clothes, music, all the usual things. I dream about them sometimes too. Honest.

AMERICAN BREAKFAST BLUEBERRY PANCAKES adapted from Nigella Lawson's pancake recipe in How to Eat
Makes enough for four people (I HALVED IT. I know, half of four is two. I was hungry...)

250g plain flour
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sugar
pinch of Maldon sea salt
2 eggs
300ml milk
30g butter, melted
2 good handfuls of fresh blueberries

Sieve the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt into a bowl. Make a crater in the middle of the mound of flour and break the eggs into it.

Using a wooden spoon, beat well, gradually incorporating all the flour from the sides and add the milk bit by bit, stirring to make a smooth batter.

Change to a whisk to get rid of any little lumps and whisk in the melted butter. Stir in the blueberries.

Heat a little oil in a non-stick frying pan or griddle, then pour it off.

Spoon a little batter into the pan - remember these are American pancakes and not thin crepes and you only need a little batter as these should be small - say about 8cm rounds - and thick.

Keep the pan over a moderate heat to ensure they are cooked through - flip to cook on the reverse.

Serve hot in a stack with a little nob of butter and a good pouring of maple syrup. Crispy shards of smoked bacon are delicious with this too.


Manuel said...

doing it...no question.....

carine said...

manuel: promises promises... heheh

did you make the limoncello?


Jacq Kelly said...

My pancakes never turn out like this!

I think my batter is too runny. I have been using a Delia recipe, but I will give this one a shot.


cindy* said...

i have seen this video before. so funny! also funny because i have ricotta pancakes on the list for this weekend. yum!

Manuel said...

did it.....total disaster.....not doing it again.....huh

carine said...


Gemma said...

I love pancakes with bacon and maple syrup and, as Chris doens't share my love of the sweet and salty, this is one of my favourite indulgent solitary breakfasts. Maybe bank holiday is a reason to treat myself...


Manuel said...

I dunno! I followed your instructions to the letter....but I ended up with a fat gooey inedible mess......I'll stick to buying my pancakes from now on......sniff sniff

carine said...

Manual, I'm mortified. The only thing I can think is that perhaps they were too big? And/or cooked on too high a heat? You need them to be quite wee, and also cooked on a medium heat to give them a chance to cook through properly or you will end up with raw batter in the middle.

Send me your address and I'll make you some limoncello to make up for it...hehehe


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