Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Tonight was one of those evenings when I got in from my run and just couldn't be bothered to cook anything. So it was a wholemeal pitta stuffed full of vegetables and tuna I'm afraid - very gourmet indeed.

However, I did buy three juicy mangos today and one of them in particular was just begging to be eaten this evening so that's exactly what I did. I spruced it up with a yoghurty concoction which really doesn't merit the writing of an actual recipe but it consisted basically of this:

a dollop of Total greek 2% fat yoghurt

a wee chunk of pure creamed coconut, softened with a TINY bit of freshly boiled water - and I really do mean TINY - just enough to make it into a thick paste

a wee dribble of Belvoir organic ginger cordial (because that's what was in the fridge but if you've got a jar of stem ginger in syrup the syrup from that would be just grand)

The measurements are deliberately vague because it's a real 'to taste' number, but I just mixed it all together and plonked it on the sliced mango and I'm telling you this because it was very tasty. It would be good also if the mango was brushed with honey and caramelised under the grill... but I was far to impatient for any of that tonight.

The greek yoghurt is the essential bit because it's nice and thick - although plain fromage frais would be good too. Oooh, but the best thing in the world to do with plain fromage frais is to ladle Banania by the heap-load into it - DElicious - if you're ever in France, or know anyone who is, buy Banania. It's the greatest thing ever.


Trust me, I tried to make this look good, I honestly did but it just wasn't playing the game. So against my better judgement here is a picture of said gingerycoconutyyoghurtymango. It tasted better than it looks.

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