Saturday, 26 April 2008


Bit of an ominous start to a so-called food blog, but not to worry. I love to cook. I cook A LOT. And I bake too. So when my friend had her Mum to stay (the lovely Sue) and had us all round for dinner I suggested I'd make dessert. I'd been eyeing up a chocolate-tart-topped-with-soft-meringue recipe in Sainsburys Magazine (bored, in a queue at the till, you pick it up to pass the time and before you know it you've bought it) and decided this would be the perfect excuse.

4 hours, 5 packets of shortbread, 900g of 80% cocoa solids chocolate and what felt like several gallons of cream later, I managed to create said chocolate-tart-topped-with-soft-meringue. No thanks to the recipe. Rather than bore you with the many reasons why this has now become my Chocolate-Tart-Topped-With-Soft-Meringue Nightmare Story, I'll say this - to the nice lady who wrote the recipe: I don't believe that you wrote this and tested your methodology...

Lesson learned from this episode: always follow your instincts. You're usually right (honest). It was pretty tasty though.

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